Reef The Lost Cauze-Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead (Mixtape)

Before meeting Reef at OTU’s debut live gig last December, I hadn’t really listened to much of his music. It wasn’t because I deliberately ignored it, but frankly it was a branch of hip-hop that my cohorts Murray and Chris had covered, and hence I hadn’t really immersed myself in it. After meeting him and watching him perform however (and finding him to be one of the most humble, likeable people in hip-hop history), that changed and I’ve enjoyed the sporadic bursts of material he’s let fly in the year since.

This tape’s got 16 tracks of new material, and the brief listen I gave it suggests that hip-hop fans who had once done the same as me and overlooked the talented MC should do so no longer, with a collection of enjoyable and stylistically varied beats supporting Reef’s unquestionable gift as a rapper. 16 free tracks from one of the underground’s finest is rarely an offer you should pass up, and the stream and grab are available below.

Reef The Lost Cauze-Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead

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