Pro Era-Peep the Aprocalypse (Mixtape)

Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew close what was a fantastic breakthrough year for them with this brand new collection of material. Whilst it’s always great to have new Joey, his running mates are hugely overlooked for their contribution to his various tracks, and the sporadic material some of them have been involved in has also been enjoyable work.

Joey recently scored another big feature with his appearance on A$AP Rocky’s posse cut 1 Train, and the Pro Era boys look to have kept their own feature list to a minimum here, instead offering the track space internally and giving them the most possible exposure. There are some notable guest producers though, including Statik Selektah, Lee Bannon and Brandun DeShay, whilst the entire thing is executive produced by Joey himself, and hopefully that means we get his distinctively 90s-inspired sound all over this. Free grab below.

Pro Era-Peep the Aprocalypse

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