Miguel-On These Wings

With 5 Grammy nominations, Miguel looks to be getting the acclaim he was always capable of earning, and he’s put out two older unreleased tracks this week to keep fans satisfied.

Bawdy didn’t really have much of note to enjoy, and truthfully this one isn’t a mindblower either. However, younger pop fans and heads who like a bit of old school R&B might enjoy this one significantly more than I did, as it’s clean cut music with a shiny, ready-for-everyone veneer.

Soft percussion, gentle keys and light synths combine for an easygoing backdrop, with Miguel delivering spades of emotion with his textbook pop/pop-R&B performance, pulling his usually clever lyricism down a little to a more mainstream-friendly level, and keeping his vocals packed with a positive edge that gives this a squeaky-clean feel. It’s a far cry from his more edgy recent material, but a bit of variety never hurt anyone and this sort of music will only serve to widen his appeal.

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