MeLo-X-Live From East Flatbush ft. Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly

In recent weeks, I’ve realised that MeLo’s actually far more than a producer, and is an accomplished rapper in his own right. Little late to come to that realisation, but there we are. This is another example of his multi-talented capabilities, with his work as both a beatsmith and an MC being on show here.

The track genuinely does sound like a live, one-take performance, and that adds a fantastically organic quality to the entire song. The production is minimal, mostly a metronomous percussion and the odd hit of deep, soft synths, and that stripped-back style only serves to enhance the raw vibe of the track. MeLo opens with a solid verse, delivering a couple of likeable lines in a confident, consistent delivery that makes for easy listening, whilst Joey follows with another good all-round verse to add to his growing catalogue of mature, age-defying performances. CJ closes with a slightly different approach, opting for a single word repetition style that offers a nice touch of variety on the track, and he smartly winds that ‘gimmick’ back as the verse continues on. Chilled and easy listening, this is a mellow slice of hip-hop to satisfy any music head.

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