MellowHype-Break (Video)

This one seemingly evaded me last week, which is surprising considering its one of the better tracks on MH’s recent Numbers album.

It’s a short one, coming in at 1:41, but the relaxing and atmospheric production served up by Left Brain is without question one of his strongest beats to date, whilst Hodgy’s contribution fits in with the instrumental superbly at times. His raps are generally well-suited, with a couple of thoughtful and near-philosophical lines, though the somewhat obligatory bragger lines do feel a little out of place. Nonetheless, generally the synergy between Left’s production and Hodgy’s work is likeable.

The video’s a little unusual, and yet works with the audio in an almost hypnotic, mesmerising fashion. It’s mostly sports oriented, as the duo play with various balls (calm down), but the slow pacing and misty filter combine to actually make the video seem significantly longer than it actually is. Assuming its intentional, it creates the unique illusion of extending the track. Give this a watch and I’m fairly sure you’ll watch it at least one more time: I think it may have brainwashed me.

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