M83-Wait (Video)

I’m almost disappointed this video trilogy is over, as it probably means they’ll stop making clips for songs from the fantastic Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album. I’ve said it about pretty much every video they’ve released from the LP, but this again is one of my favourite songs from the album, though it’s significantly different to most of the offerings on there. Much calmer and significantly more contemplative, the track is a slow roller that avoids the common ‘explosive’ climax, instead captivating and hypnotising you with its rhythmic, chant-esque vocals, and progressively adds in subtle elements to the production for that strong finish.

The organic build means it doesn’t feel like a forced ending, and that’s also true of the trilogy-ending video content. Continuing with the theme of powerfully gifted children, this clip takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting that contrasts rather eerily with the youthful characters: the numerous dead bodies, prowling wolves, greyed filter and unsettling skylines combine for an otherworldy visual with an element of realism, and one which gives this a visceral impact. That’s met by a more futuristic style towards the final third, as we see another of the trilogy’s star children return in amidst lasers and reflective pyramids, and again contrast comes into play with those flashes of colour juxtaposing favourably with the more earthly scenes that surround them. Another stunning audiovisual from M83, and I sincerely hope more new material isn’t too far away.

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