Marmite. You’re either going to love or hate this.

Fusing the classic M.I.A. formula of frenetic experimentalism with a little injection of electro sensibility, this is one that’s either going to annoy you or get you feeling pretty lively. Vocally, it’s nothing incredible, with M.I.A. putting focus on the word ‘tent’ (and similar sounding words) through what sounds like an Autotune filter, but this is more a feat of production than anything.

The sheer dynamism and ever-evolving nature of the beat gives the impression that the track could just change track or surprise you at any minute, and it does so throughout-from the soft vocal opening, the track explodes into an upbeat production with distorted samples, wonderfully chunky bass and undergoes a little metamorphosis for the hook (if you can call it that), changing into an dub-style heavy low end and doing away with M.I.A’s vocals. It’s one that you’ll keep discovering new elements in with every listen, and I’d recommend giving it a go. You’ll know fairly quickly if you hate it.

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