J. Cole-2012

If the world ends tomorrow, damn. I would be mad as shit for 2 reasons. First, I’m not with my family. That would suck. What would also be wack is if I never got to drop this song. Summer of 08′. A few special songs I made that summer haven’t dropped yet. This is one of them. Some of the most fun I ever had making a record. Alone in my room, making the beat, writing the raps, Jammin to this. Here we are, Years Later, and right on time. Enjoy

Superb release from J. Cole last night, taken from arguably the highlight period of his career so far, the time around The Warm Up. The production is lightning fast and almost unlike anything we’ve caught Cole on, with a rapid fire percussion driving this track through at a blistering pace, whilst the light synth in the verses adds a touch of depth. The horn work in the hook is an excellent addition, taking a bit of the sting out of that drum line and adding in a bright, uplifting quality. Cole’s raps keep pace excellently throughout, with watertight flows and a generally positive angle that capitalises nicely on the production’s vibe. Good all-rounder that’ll inject some energy into any playlist.

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