Gunplay-Guillotine Swordz (Video)

Everyone’s favourite nutcase is back with a new visual, and it’s a return to craziness for the ever-entertaining Gunplay.

After the 30 seconds worth of MMG ads at the start, you’re met with a frightening prospect: “directed by Gunplay”. Like everything else he puts out, it’s hardly lyrical wizardry but it’s inexplicably entertaining, though credit to him for the beat selection as he borrows the classic backdrop from Raekwon’s seminal OB4CL album. The clip features two versions or sides of Gunplay seemingly opposite to one another, before mixing up scenes of those versions in some kind of fight with those of two normal (and I use that team in the loosest possible manner) Gunplays hanging around his living room. That’s pretty much it. There’s only about a minute of rapping, and whilst I mentioned it’s not going to fry your brain with its complexity, his energy and intensity is commendable, even if its not anything you’re going to go hunting for over the original. Nonetheless, a bit of fun and it’s entertaining for its sheer stupidity.

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