Game-Murder ft. Scarface and Kendrick Lamar

The context Game applies to the #SundayService audio releases has given this series a nice uniqueness. Each time he’s released a track cut from Jesus Piece (due to sample clearance issues), he’s let fans know where it would have fit in on the album-the artwork here collates the previous two and shows where this track should sit.

It’s a shame this isn’t on the LP, as it’s an enjoyable effort. The soulful production is a real treat, combining a gentle yet slightly uneasy vocal sample with soft wind instruments and crisp percussion for a sharp yet mellow beat. Coming in at just shy of 6 minutes long it’s not rushed either, allowing for somewhat extended verses. Game opens with a focus on the various associations with the song title, whilst he throws in a list of infamous assasinations into the second verse, and Scarface closes with a mix of the Game’s two content choices. Sadly, Kendrick is only on hook duty but this is a good track nonetheless and be sure to grab Jesus Piece tomorrow.

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