Fabolous-For The Love (Video)

Across Fabolous’ work over the last couple of years, my favourite picks have been the occasions he picks a strong soul production or when he’s throwing out witty punchlines with ease. How enjoyable then that he’s combined the two together here, into another very replayable release from that recent The Soul Tape 2.

Much smoother and more refined than the lively So NY, the soft vocal sample anchors this song excellently and provides a mellow wrapping around the easygoing percussion and slick raps from Loso. Those rhymes are on point from start to finish, with a variety of watertight flows that contain a barrage of punchlines, and whether they’re clever, funny, of-the-moment or a mixture of the three, there’s no denying he’s one of the better rappers at this style.

The video’s a simple one, featuring Fab performing behind a monochrome filter whilst he spends time with his significant other and smokes up. Not a great deal going on, but it’s a decent accompaniment to a very enjoyable audio.

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