Cassie-Trilogy Collection

The response to Cassie’s End of the Line video has been interesting to say the least. The actual video itself is a little unremarkable, but many seem to be impressed with her soft, chillout-driven style on the song and rightfully so. What’s odd is how the majority are seemingly surprised by that style from Cassie, despite her delivering in this sort of vein for the last couple of years (though admittedly, very sporadically).

Understandably however, not everyone can follow the scene quite as tightly as some of us do. So, a dedicated Cassie fan has rounded up the numerous loose tracks that have been released in various ways and places over the past few years, and packaged them into a trilogy of mixtapes. Not only is there some nice Weeknd-themed artwork to go with them, but each one is broken down into one of three styles: either dark and slower tracks, upbeat pop work, or somewhere in between the two. You can grab each one for absolutely free below, and I’d recommend doing so: Cassie’s been underrated in recent times, and I expect that to end soon.

Cassie-Trilogy Collecton

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