Bat For Lashes-A Wall (Video)

The Haunted Man has garnered near-unanimous praise since its release, and this video is a strong close to a great year for Bat For Lashes.

The story behind the album (read it here) and it’s accompanying artwork give the album an incredibly visceral feel before you’ve even listened to the music, and of course that does then extend into the music on giving it a play. This track is a great demonstration of that, with raw lyricism full of inveterate feeling and a production with a nice touch of diversity: the verses are minimal, supported mostly by a relatively lively percussion and the occassional burst of melody, whilst the hook explodes into life courtesy of bright synths and a plethora of electronic sounds and samples. Of course, those distinctive vocals match up to each section excellently, scaling up the emotion for the hook and keeping the verses more muted to throw in a darker, more contemplative vibe for those segments.

The video represents the lyricism well, with her cohort being almost entirely submissive throughot as she essentially leads him through their every encounter. It reflects the ‘you see a wall, I see a door’ hook in an engaging, physical manner, whilst the removal of the blonde wig seems to unveil both a busier, more active portion of the video, and a less controllable and unpredictable side of the male lead. An enjoyable watch, a great listen and be sure to grab that album.

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