Ab-Soul-Only 1

The Kendrick Lamar whirlwind has finally died down, and Ab’s the first of the TDE crew to step out and drop some new material since that universally-loved (except for Shyne) album release.

It’s one that sets him up for a big 2013, as this will grab the attention of many. The first verse is a nice mix of spirituality with some biographical, down-to-earth work, making for a nice contrasts in themes that work well together, before an incredibly infectious hook jumps in (I may walk around tomorrow just shouting SOUL-O). The second verse is a little scattergun, running through a touch of conspiracy, bragger rap and more, before the highlight third verse which is also somewhat mixed in terms of theme, but packs in some excellent lines, a bit more ‘weirdness’ (listen out for the Metatron’s Cube reference), and some shots at Shyne to close off. A good all-rounder from the TDE representative, and hopefully there’s plenty more coming very soon.

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