A$AP Twelvyy-YNRE (Video)

The A$AP Mob’s Lords Never Worry project had some enjoyable efforts on it, and truthfully speaking wasn’t too bad for an introductory compilation tape. This was one of the standouts, aided greatly by a thumping Araabmuzik beat that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Twelvyy’s much more aggressive and in-your-face than Rocky, with his delivery anchored heavily around a ton of intensity, and the lyricism being rather more ‘street’. He’s not exactly rapping about anything new, but it’s good to see individual members of that crew coming forth with different styles rather than following Rocky’s lead. The production is a great fit for Twelvyy’s output, combining urgent electronic melodies with a powerful percussion that packs a bassy punch, and it’s a beat that doesn’t really pretend to be anything it isn’t-it’s a raw backdrop and complements the rapping style.

The same can be said for the video, which is mostly dark scenery with the full A$AP Mob getting wild around the streets of New York. Nothing glorious, but fits well enough with the audio. Grab the tape here if you haven’t already.

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