A$AP Rocky-F***in’ Problems ft. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Why would Vevo upload this to YouTube, and restrict the countries that can view it? If it’s to get people to use Vevo’s site, it’s worked only to reveal the mess that is their own player-you can’t pause or mute adverts, and you have to work for an embed code that’s a mile long. Amateur.

After the highly successful Goldie, this follow-up solo release from a few weeks back has really set Rocky up for some continued mainstream success. Undoubtedly, it’ll be a club favourite this winter thanks to both the hook and the features, whilst the production’s slightly dark nature gives it playability outside of those realms.

The video really amps up the energy of the track, capitalising on its inherent intensity with a constantly-moving camera and plenty of activity from the rappers, whilst a dimmed colour palette tempers that activity somewhat. Rocky’s at his magnetic best here, dressed crisply as ever and oozing the charisma he’s becoming famed for, whilst Chainz brings his odd brand of chaos to the hook, Drake comes through in a lively and oddly dressed manner, and Kendrick closes by showing off a more positive and fashion-conscious side of him we rarely see on video. Over time, Drake’s verse has really grown on me and he probably takes it on flow alone, whilst I’m much preferring this remastered production too: this is a good mainstream audiovisual that will greatly enhance Rocky’s reputation.

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