Wale-Freedom of Speech

Wale recently announced the Folarin mixtape is set for a Christmas Eve release, and coupled that with this freebie, the first drop from the project.

He’s been a little hit and miss in recent times as he flits between his original style and that he’s encouraged to use as part of MMG, but this is most certainly the former. The track opens with soft guitars and flutes for a soulful intro, before stepping into bouncy percussion, bright synths and vocal samples to recreate the lively sort of beat Wale came up with. It means we get his familiar best in terms of flow, with a high tempo delivery that rides along the dynamic production excellently, whilst the vocal output switches between Wale’s raps, a vintage vocal sample and even Obama’s winning speech for an ever-changing approach that makes those 5 minutes fly by. I daresay it’s one of his best tracks in over 18 months, and I’ll give this one plenty of plays.

Wale-Freedom of Speech

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