Travis Barker and Yelawolf-6 Feet Underground ft. Tim Armstrong (Video)

Rancid’s frontman is along for the assist on the latest clip from Travis and Yela’s recently-released Psycho White EP, and the ska heads are going to thoroughly love this one, if only for the bouncy instrumentation.

Drawing on mid-90s punk, ska and early 90s reggae (so basically…ska), the production has a summery, laidback quality that infuses the entire track with positivity and plenty of funk. You add that to the three artists involved and it’s a recipe for success right? Wrong. It just doesn’t come off here, largely because the lyricism doesn’t seem to fit the upbeat nature of the instrumentation, and once you’re over the novelty of the throwback beat, the reptitiveness becomes rather annoying. With that said, there are several positives. Whilst Yela’s lyricism isn’t the ideal fit his raps ride the beat comfortably, particularly in his angsty, razor-sharp closing verse. The Tim Armstrong hook has a nice anthemic feel to it, and may help this track get a little wider recognition for sure, but generally there isn’t enough going on to give this any longevity.

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