Toro Y Moi-So Many Details Remix ft. Hodgy Beats

Toro’s worked with the OFWGKTA clan a couple of times in the past (most recently here), and here he enlists one of the group’s most prolific and improved MC’s of the last 12 months to come through with a remix.

Toro’s production work is first class here, and it’s clear why this is a single before Hodgy’s even touched it. There are atmospheric notes, sharp and lively elements and a set of uplifting synths that combine for a positive beat with excellent depth and superb layering. The likeable vocal work has a strong pop influence and that injects itself into the production slightly, giving the track a much wider appeal than Toro’s usual experimental works, and also adds a sense of structure and direction, one which allows for a smooth segue into the excellent Hodgy verse. His delivery varies between high-speed and slower annunciation, and he’s clearly very comfortable in both styles, capping off what is an enjoyable all-rounder that could make an impact in mainstream circles.

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