The Weeknd-Wicked Games (Live on Jools Holland)

I saw many of you commenting on this last night, and if like me you didn’t get around to catching the TV show, you’ll want to give this a watch.

Surprisingly, this was The Weeknd’s first live TV performance. I say surprisingly because the poise and quality he demonstrates from start to finish here are at levels any veteran would be absolutely delighted with, even more so given the relative difficulty of the vocal work on this one. Compared to some of his considerably-ropier performances very early on in his career, the progression he’s made as a vocalist (and an entertainer) is one that deserves much praise.

The progressive nature of the instrumentation and backing vocals combine excellently too, with the first half of the track emanating an intimate, acoustic style vibe, before his accompanying acts increase the depth and intensity to provide a strong climax for what is a thoroughly entertaining performance all-round.

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