The Weeknd-The Zone ft. Drake (Video)

The generosity continues with another release, though this one was more expected given it’s included with the iTunes pre-order. Nonetheless, it’s a pleasure to have it a week prior to Trilogy‘s release.

Viewed by many as the outstanding track from Thursday (I disagree, for the record), The Zone was arguably The Weeknd’s mainstream breakout, helped by the appearance of his good friend Drake. The remastered audio cuts out the dead time before the latter’s verse, whilst also improving the intensity of the background vocals-both are touches that definitely improve the track and give it much more depth.

The video fits the moody nature of the audio rather well. Outside of the early clips of the love interest, the video is mostly bathed in darkness and full of shadows, frowns and a general reflectiveness that culminates in the early bright, positive scenes turning dark and negatively charged in the second half. To borrow one of his other song titles, it’s a party and after-party sort of duality that builds very organically throughout the video, and cleverly the video’s key emotional changes take place after the camera focuses on the lead character’s eyes: there’s nothing beyond the surface in this relationship (I’ll be making love to her through you), and when he keeps looking for it, things fall apart. Worth a watch if you liked the audio, and look out for Trilogy next week.

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