The Weeknd Mural, Time Lapsed

Just a short promo clip for The Weeknd’s recently-released Trilogy, but worth a watch as it’s certainly something a little different from the usual promo clips you see floating around.

It appears as though he commissioned an artist (or a group of artists, it’s difficult to tell) to paint a mural of himself on the side of a building, and the artwork actually comes out rather well. So well in fact, you can pinpoint the exact origin of the scene they chose-it’s taken from his Rolling Stone video, and interestingly shows not only The Weeknd’s downbeat face but the camera pointing at him too. The end product is an insanely good piece that manages to create depth of field and fantastic lighting effects using only black, white and grey, and I’m sure this will be a nice bit of extra promotion for that album release. Very unique, and very likeable.

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