The-Dream-Tender Tendencies

Another of the extra tracks set for the 18th December re-release of 1977, and one more you can expect to give a couple of plays in your R&B playlists, even if its not massively packed with longevity.

There are very few R&B artists who manage to both harmonise and tell a story effectively these days, with most either capable of great vocal performances with little depth, or overkilling the lyrical complexity at the cost of good vocals. The-Dream’s been doing that, and arguably overlooked for doing so, for quite some time now. This is another good example of that, with his style of delivery moving between singing and near-spoken word to fit the gravity of certain lyrical sections, with the songwriting being good enough to keep your attention throughout better than most tracks of this ilk would. Whilst the production’s minimal nature does fit the title and emotion of the song well, it doesn’t quite progress into the climax you’d expect it to and hence ends up falling a little flat, meaning the song’s content becomes a little too monotonous to ensure any consistent replays of the track. It’s a shame as vocally and lyrically it’s enjoyable, but that beat just falls short.

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