Having released the excellent 1977 album for free last year, The-Dream is capitalising on the critical success of that with a re-release on CD, set to feature some brand new additional tracks. This lead single is one of those new pieces, and sets things off superbly.

The lyrics are angsty yet boastful, with Dream coming across as an interesting mix of jilted and arrogant in what’s a nice bit of songwriting, whilst his vocal delivery sits in that flexible grey area between rapping and singing. The production which is layered excellently to create the illusion that it’s constantly changing and moving. The sharp yet winding nature of the synths are responsible for a lot of that dynamism, and there are elements which only appear for short bursts, whilst in contrast the percussion is mostly stable and consistent throughout.

Catching the recurring theme? There’s a fantastic attention to detail in Dream’s hybrid workings, and despite all of the diverse elements, the end product is strictly R&B with a coherent structure. Masterful once again, and whilst the song probably won’t have a huge chart impact, it’s a great reminder of The-Dream’s all-round ability.

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