T.I.-Sorry ft. Andre 3000

Not only does the track have Andre 3000, but T.I. makes a reference to Pinot Grigio within seconds of this starting. Which one’s more unexpected? You decide.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to write home about beyond that surprising wine remark. The beat sounds like a Rick Ross castoff, with regality and laidback vibes abound, but nothing to really latch on to as a listener, via wafer thin synths and unremarkable percussion work. Tip’s raps seem tired and uninspired, and though there are a couple of small highlights, it’s generally dull. Andre’s verse is unquestionably the highlight, thanks to his watertight delivery that moves through a couple of different flows, whilst his wordplay is excellent-the stars and comets/comments line is particularly memorable. An average track saved from being poor by the feature.

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