Sebastian Mikael-Speechless

Born in Sweden, Sebastian Mikael moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to attend the Musicians Institute, before continuing his studies at Berklee School of Music. He was signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and in late 2011 released his first mixtape, J’Adore, to rave reviews. His “Beautiful Life” video caught the ear of Sylvia Rhone, who partnered with Slip-N-Slide to sign him to Vested in Culture, her new label with Epic Records.

A nice slice of acoustic work to start the weekend. There’s a ton of potential in this upcoming singer, and this first exposure for many of us will probably not be the last. This performance of Speechless is packed with emotion and delivered with plenty of skill, as Mikael demonstrates a command over melody and atmosphere that belies his relatively new status, via the diversity of vocal deliveries, the soft supporting guitar work and the sheer presence of his voice makes that empty room seem considerably fuller. Many do acoustic performances well, but most do so by opting for a sombre, more moody vibe. Sebastian’s positivity radiates throughout this one, and it’s an infectious feeling that’s surely going to gain him plenty of fans over the coming months.

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