Rudimental-Hell Could Freeze ft. Angel Haze

A very interesting collaboration for a number of reasons. Angel Haze is definitely one of the brighter newcomers on the hip-hop scene, and given her relatively new status, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase her abilities to a more mainstream audience. She’s known for her more lyrically detailed style, and hence her adjustment to rapping and singing in a manner that has a wider appeal is a great sign of her flexibility.

Given Rudimental’s usual intense, somewhat glitchy electro approach, this is surprisingly serene, with soft percussion layered with tethered synth pulses to give the track enough liveliness without overwhelming it in energy. As an entirety, it’s far closer to chillout electro than anything you’d expect to hear on the dancefloor. Angel’s flows in the verses are excellent, moving with the production work skilfully, and this is a good all-round effort that demonstrates the versatility of both acts.

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