Rick Ross-All Birds ft. French Montana (Video)

There are so many reasons to dislike this song. Ross has been churning out the same repetitive raps for the last 18 months. French is just legitimately terrible whichever way you look at it. I could go on but I won’t, because for some reason I do enjoy this. Call it a guilty pleasure, albeit not on a Backstreet Boys level (I’ll not hear a bad word about them).

It’s probably the beat that reels me in for play after play. It’s lively yet slightly ominous, intense yet upbeat and generally one that just sounds ever so good turned up in the car. The video is as poor as you’d expect, with literally nothing achieved throughout, but it fits the audio well enough, with the piercing melodies suiting the laser show style lighting. The hook doesn’t really make sense (if French keeps no clothes and only cocaine, or ‘birds’, what does he wear?), the raps are silly, but you’ll still find your head nodding when this comes on.

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