Rick Ross-100 Black Coffins

Taken from the official soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained, Ross comes through with what I believe is the first audio release from that project.

Sadly, it’s not great. I like that they’ve tried to keep with the film’s western theme via the production, which for the most part is admirably cinematic and excellently blends that cowboy essence with a hint of darkness, but Ross is a huge letdown here. His tired lyrics don’t seem to match up with the production style at all, and instead it’s just an opportunity for Ricky to lay the same old raps on a slightly unusual production by his standards. Give this beat to someone else and they’d craft a lyrical theme to fit the piece’s intended purpose, but Ross’ lazy work here smacks of a mainstream rapper taking the opportunity to seem like a bigger star by associating himself with Tarantino. At least he’ll be bragging about something different in his raps now.

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