Pac Div-The Return ft. Ty $

Another release from the Div’s upcoming GMB album, due out on 27th November, and whilst most of their output from the LP to date has been much more aggressive than their usual work, this incorporates a more lighter elements to evoke that original Pac Div sound.

The verses remain punchy and full of energy as they have been on the previous releases, courtesy of both the raps and the crunching percussion work, but here they’re tempered by softer synths, light lashings of keys and an upbeat hook that adds a smooth, summery vibe to proceedings. The slow pace at which the track moves allows each of the verses to be delivered slightly differently, whilst the lyrical content capitalises on the summer vibe of the hook with reflective and laidback lyricism that makes for easy listening throughout. Solid all-round effort, and look out for that album next Tuesday.

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