Pac Div-Cross Trainers ft. Kendrick Lamar and Blu

The trio’s GMB album is due on 27th November, and whilst the releases so far have been of a consistently good quality, there’s no doubt that adding fellow West Coasters Kendrick and Blu to the lineup will really turn heads.

In keeping with their more aggressive approach on this album, there’s crunching production on this one that gives their raps much more intensity, and makes for a nice departure from the more laidback beats we usually associate with all of the acts on here. The boom-bap percussion complements the Div’s cadences extremely well, whilst Blu’s dulcet tones contrast rather nicely with it to create a distinctively underground rap sound, and Kendrick’s high-paced flow rides the production slightly differently to the rest for a final touch of diversity. A variety of performances and results, and they combine for a very replayable track that bodes well ahead of GMB.

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