Pac Div-Black Acura ft. Mac Miller (Video)

Making the laundromat, a living room, and a dank bar look like reasonable places to start a rap career, the guys have an air of comfortable superiority in this first video from GMB.

One of the earlier singles from their GMB album, which was released today, Pac Div celebrate the LP release by sending out some accompanying visuals. The track has an almighty thump about it, courtesy of deep, heavy bass supplemented by minimal melodic additions and a punchy vocal sample, and yet again it ties into the much more aggressive style the Div have gone for with GMB. Commendably though, their lighter side comes out with a couple of more fun lines, and it’s good to see they’ve not entirely abandoned their affable roots.

The video has an interesting dichotomy of environments-the homely, everyday scenes (shot in Mac Miller’s LA home) contrast almost entirely with the dark, intense and frown-heavy shots of the trio rapping their verses. It throws you in terms of how to take the entire audiovisual, and that’s a reflection of themselves: from their previously easygoing work to this more in-your-face music, they’ve kept their output diverse and unpredictable. Good audiovisual, and GMB is out now (US iTunes).

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