Mike G-Seasons ft. Speak!

On the back of the promising Brag II snippet and Mike’s announcement of weekly #MikeGMondays releases, this came with much expectation. Unfortunately however, it’s rather average.

Syd tha Kyd helms the beat once again, but trades in the laidback style for a stop-start hip-hop beat with a minimal, tough to love style in the verses, and a fantastic contrasting depth for the hook which boasts airy yet lively synths that inject the track with much-needed vibrancy. Mike’s distortion effect on his raps does his monotone style no favours and hence dulls his lyrics, though they’re not at his witty best either, whereas Speak!, who is new to me, does a better job with his contribution thanks to a clear delivery and a couple of smart lines. Mike’s series starts a little disappointingly, but there are certainly hints of promise. Had that hook production been more widely utilised, it would have injected the necessary energy into this one.

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