Mike G-Brag II (Snippet)

Only a 50 second snippet, but it’s nice to have some new, original material from Mike, and it certainly helps that his Odd Future cohort Syd tha Kyd has helmed the production.

Her work as part of The Internet heavily influences the beat, with soft vocal sample, light keys, smooth percussion and airy synths combining for a wonderfully laidback beat that you’ll want to play over and over again. Mike’s no slouch with his raps, and arguably quite overlooked as far as the OFWGKTA clan goes given that he generally delivers clever raps in solid flows, albeit with a little too much monotony at times. Here he improves that latter aspect as he almost seems to harmonise rather than rap at times a move which allows him to blend his vocals much better with the mellow production. Full of promise and I’m looking forward to a release soon.

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