Mickey Factz Releases The Artistic Collection Boxset

The limited-edition box set Mickey Factz: The Artistic Collection contains CDs with all the artwork of his 9 previous mixtapes and #Ynot. The twist- The CDs are blank. Mickey has made the music free and the packaging is the product being sold. Fans have the power to choose how they want to organise & receive the music. Datpiff.com hosts the mixtapes for free download and has re-released Mickey’s mixtape discography. Each mixtape contains never before released tracks such as “Locked Away (NERD Remix)” & “Click Clack“ Feat. Bruno Mars.

Very unique release from Mickey, and it’s one I’m sure many will be on board with. It’s a nice way for longtime fans to collate Mickey’s previous works, and I suspect we may see more artists doing this. Buy the boxset here, or find out more at an unusually designed dedicated website.

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