Lady GaGa and Kendrick Lamar-Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Demo)

There was so much buzz and talk about GaGa and Kendrick’s friendship a couple of months back, and even more so when it was announced they had a collaboration on the latter’s most recent album, which of course never made the cut (for political reasons, I believe).

Thankfully, GaGa’s DJ has been kind enough to liberate this demo version of the good kid, m.A.A.d city jam (why more artists don’t let this stuff go I’ll never know), with GaGa taking over hook duty and really doing a decent job. It’s not going to outdo the original by any means but her version is legitimately likeable, scaling back her usual exuberance for a laidback performance that reminds those of us who don’t follow her music that she does possess some ability. It’s not even that she’s vocally perfect either, it’s actually the opposite: her raw yet mellow delivery matches the vibe (sorry) of the instrumental perfectly, compliments Kendrick’s verses, and even his work on the hook. I wonder though, there’s a warped second voice in the hook of the album version-could it be a distorted version of her vocals? Tough to say, but it’d be great to hear a finalised version with this hook and the original mixed.

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