Kid Cudi-Just What I Am ft. King Chip (Video)

I sense that the newer Cudi fans remain divided about this one, but myself and several longtime fans enjoyed the lead cut from his upcoming Indicud album.

This accompanying visual makes for Cudi’s directorial debut, and whilst it’s not as intricate as some of his previous video works, it’s rightfully not so and instead hones in on the positivity of the audio. Most of the focus is around Cudi and Chip having a relatively good time, whether it’s rolling around in a nice vehicle or partying with what appears to be a crowd that’s 98% ladies, and that’s a decent enough reflection of the feelgood audio. The often-dim, vintage movie-esque filters applied over the top of the scenes temper the party vibe somewhat, preventing it from becoming too cliche, whilst the gold frame around the edges combines with the filters to give the video an archaic, artsy twist. The driving scenes have a nice throwback reference to ‘Man on the Moon’ Cudi with the backdrop, and whilst this is a clip without too much going on, there’s enough charm about it to both supplement the audio and keep those original Cudi fans interested.

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