J. Cole-Miss America

Cole’s Born Sinner album is due for a 28th January release, and the recently-released trailer suggested we were in for something with more depth and seriousness. This track, the first single, pretty much confirms that.

The lyricism is about as meaningful as Cole’s gotten in the last year or so, and oozes the rebellious angst that was once associated with Lupe Fiasco. The opening verse moves gently into that style, starting with reflective thoughts on his rise and ending with couple of social commentaries, both packing into a delivery with plenty of emotion. The second verse flips that slightly and opens with observations, but ends with a passionate Cole offering his own view on America, and it’s arguably one of his most memorable verses to date for the sheer frustration of those closing lines. The hook is an enjoyable one too, as Cole reflects on whether the things he now owns are as important as they seemed, whilst the pounding percussion and introspective melodies combine well throughout for an intense supplement to the raps. Huge fan of this, and hopefully the album’s packed with more of this ilk. Available on iTunes US for now, look for it to hit iTunes UK tonight.

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