J. Cole-Born Sinner Trailer

There’s been a unanimously positive feeling regarding Cole’s sporadic work over the last 6 months, and it appears he’s gearing up for a new project to be released on 28th January. Whilst it’s not confirmed whether that’s an album or mixtape, this odd teaser is an interesting watch.

There’s little to be heard in terms of content from the project, or indeed its general musical direction, but the messaging within the clip could offer some glimpses. From the start, both the innocence of youth and that of religion (I know what you’re thinking, and it’s a debate for another time) are seemingly in contrast with the Born Sinner title, and that’s something which the child clearly demonstrates awareness of with his rhetorical cue card questions, suggesting we may see a little duality from Cole as he attempts to answer and express both sides. Note also how the light slightly dims on the boy as he holds up the Born Sinner card, and how the light disappears entirely after he returns to the altar, a possible metaphor for Cole’s desire to do the right thing, but having the lights turned out on him. There’s more symbolism here, and after a few watches you’ll find something new to discuss. And if you’re talking, it’s mission accomplished.

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