ILL BILL - When I Die

Brand new ILL Bill, and we have the first official video from his new album The Grimy Awards. The self-produced beat provides a haunting landscape for Bill to reminisce about the lives of his grandmother and the legendary Uncle Howie. It’s always great to hear Bill switch things up and delve into more personal tracks and this certainly delivers.

A running-theme throughout Bill’s career has always been the tales of Howie’s exploits, promoting him to an almost cult-hero status. After Howie died a couple of years back, his problems began to feel more real when listening back to old Non-Phixion albums. More recently, tracks like My Uncle started to show Bill’s concern about Howie’s situation, while Narco Corridos (with DJ Muggs) seemed to give a glimpse of Bill’s immediate feelings after Howie’s death. This history really adds to the track, as we’ve seen Bill maturity and growing concern about Howie’s health, before finally reflecting on his passing and the problems faced.

It’s a solid dedication to both Howie and his Grandmother, and has got me excited for The Grimy Awards which drops January 29th.

On Dec 2nd, Bill will headline the next OTU Live night alongside Vinnie Paz, at Lakota, Bristol. Tickets available: here

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