HAIM-Send Me Down

Good to see HAIM dropping off their second new track in as many months. Their alternative, pop and R&B crossover generally makes for very easy listening, and much like their last release they’ve opted to lean slightly more toward the pop side of things as they seek to really cement their breakout.

The instrumentation combines heavy, almost dark electronic elements with sprightly percussion and vocals for a contrast that ultimately ends up sounding rather lively and positive. I’m not totally sold on the production as it feels repetetive and a touch too intense, but credit for switching things up a little. A recurrent theme in their music is the use of somewhat bittersweet lyrics, and here they’re used cleverly to build toward a beautifully harmonic bridge and ultimately a catchy melody-heavy hook, and both combine to anchor the song well. Likeable, but maybe not quite on par with some of their other work.

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