HAIM-Don't Save Me (Video)

Day by day, there’s less room on that HAIM bandwagon. I’ve said it before, but they’re perfectly primed for mainstream success, whilst remaining talented and versatile enough to garner appreciation from those who don’t need our tastes dictated to us.

I gave this song a warm response on its release, but repeat listening has thoroughly infected me with its positivity. That combination of alternative with a little R&B funk gives their music a smoothness around the edges that makes repeat plays much easier, and this video will certainly add to that appeal.

There’s nothing particular new happening, with the clip divided between performance scenes and a basketball game, but the inherent charisma and confidence of the trio comes across through each shot, whilst the dark lighting throughout tempers the bounce of the audio and complements the attitudinal lyricism. There’s a lot to like about these guys, and with each release they’re going from strength to strength. You can grab this one on iTunes right now.

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