When the likes of Gunplay are free to roam the streets, you’ve got to ask questions. I love the guy’s craziness and have been fairly open with that, but given that most of the hip-hop world has seen footage of him holding an accountant at gunpoint, it’s beyond surprising that he escaped the charges on lack of evidence.

Nonetheless, our lives wouldn’t be the same without his unique brand of eccentricity. He’s gearing up for an album drop early next year, Medellin, and it’s implied that this will feature. Truthfully though, it’s disappointing. He’s enamoured himself to us previously with in-your-face, larger-than-life style work that’s at the very least entertaining, but here he seems to have been calmed down and goes for a bland, bass-heavy hip-hop style that puts more focus on his rapping abilities and frankly he should probably be avoiding that. Average at best.

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