Game-Stripper ft. Wale

If you’ve ever wondered what sleazy sounds like, Game has just figured that one out for you. Drake (and others) often hover around that border line between being sleazy or just being a ‘player’, but this pretty much leaves that line in the rearview mirror as Game and Wale crank up the seediness for the latest #SundayService instalment.

It’s actually likeable though. The slowed-down, slightly jazzy production makes for a real change for Game, and it’s a welcome one. His naturally rough tones are a great contrast to this softened style of sound, whilst his delivery is adjusted correctly to this near-slow jam style, leaving the aggression he’s normally famed for behind. With that said, his flows have a nice hint of diversity too, with the second verse increasing the tempo slightly and injecting the track with a sprinkling of energy. Wale’s been found on a minimalist beat of this nature before, and hence he takes to it fairly well, though his sharper, nasal delivery doesn’t quite blend with the beat as well as Game’s does. Unfortunately cut from the upcoming Jesus Piece due to sample issues, this is something quite different from Game, and it’s a likeable one.

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