Game-Judas' Closet ft. Nipsey Hu$$le

It’s not a Sunday but Game’s kind enough to throw out another freebie, grabbing fellow Californian Nipsey Hu$$le for a welcome assist.

Some of Game’s recent releases have been surprisingly enjoyable, and you can add this one to that list. Admittedly, the Timbaland production isn’t massively spectacular, with the shrill melodies becoming reptitive rather quickly, but the chemistry between Nipsey and Game is what makes this one a keeper. They share the opening verse with a line-for-line delivery that makes for a great listen (why does no-one do that any more?), before each coming through with solid enough verses that complement one another and make the most of an average beat. Seems unfinished as there’s a gap for another verse, but it’s a likeable track that’s worth a couple of plays.

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