Game-HVN4AGNGSTA ft. Master P

The third and final release of Game’s #SundayService instalment from yesterday, and just like the previous tracks he’s released that aren’t on the album, this one’s better than the content that actually is on the album.

That largely down to the DJ Premier beat. The soulful sample just engulfs this one, from the vocal work on the hook to the grand, vintage melodies that back Game and P during their verses, whilst Premo’s no slouch with his percussion work and it drives the track along nicely. The lyricism’s as schizophrenic as Game’s opinion on other rappers, adding the occasional and enjoyable moment of self-reflection in with the somewhat tired aggressiveness and arrogance, whilst P’s verse is a nice cameo, if only for the novelty value. This one’s all about the beat, and I’ll be disappointed if better MCs (looking at you Slaughterhouse) don’t give this a go themselves.

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