Game-Holy Water (Video)

I’m not even remotely excited for Jesus Piece given the weak lead single, no matter how ridiculous the artwork is. Funny then that this cut that hasn’t made the album has piqued my interest.

The production is part-haunting part-thunderous, with a creepy pair of vocal samples stitched to a thumping, slow-moving bass for a top drawer beat that’ll rattle some speakers. It’s the kind of gritty style that Game’s been away from for too long, and is essentially everything Celebration isn’t. Game’s lyricism has never blown anyone’s limbs off and the name-dropping is back, albeit tweaked to list brands and products rather than other rappers, though it doesn’t detract from the strong beat.

The clip itself is strangely watchable, despite never actually going anywhere. At times it offers contextual visuals to the lyricism, whilst at others it opts for gratuitous buttock and product shots, but it’s the unusually slow pacing of the clip that makes it so bizarrely engrossing. Few music videos risk such little action, but credit to Game for utilising the menacing pace of the audio and bringing the video down to a crawl. Grab the audio for free (via Game) here.

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