Game ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Celebration Remix [Video]

Wasn’t a fan of the original Celebration track from Game, so normally I’d ignore any remixes of it, however the feature on this being Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, well that got my attention. Pretty cool considered the original track actually sampled a Bone Thugs track. What surprised me about this track is that Game managed to get ALL members of the fractious group to appear on this track! They had split (for the millionth time) last year, so this is s collector’s item indeed.

The track itself really suits Bone Thugs chilled out style of harmonious quick rapping, and Game does his trademark copying of his guest star’s flows. It doesn’t always work for him i.e. every time he gets on a song with Rick Ross (eurgh), but I think he sounds good when he tries the quick flow. Anyway, I digress – check this track out, especially if you’re a Bone Thugs fan. Apparently all five members are getting back together to make one last album as a 5 man collective next year, so look out for that (assuming they don’t fall out again before then).

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