Game-Black Jesus

Game’s #SundayService series rolls on, and this week’s he’s stirring up a little controversy (again) with this effort.

He refers to himself as the ‘young black Jesus’ throughout, and honestly I like the idea purely from a rap perspective, as it’s something a touch different for him and at least allows him to move away from the excessive name drops, if only slightly. With that said, such comparisons are surely going to be viewed as blasphemous by a ton of over-sensitive religious types, which is probably going to give this song a negativity it certainly doesn’t deserve: the production is bright, soulful and generally positive, whilst for the most part Game’s rapping is upbeat and largely inoffensive, though there are moments that’ll get jumped on. Not set for the Jesus Piece LP, but it’s another good buzz builder ahead of an album that many weren’t previously concerned with.

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