G.O.O.D. Music-Cruel Winter Trailer (?)

Recently, I refrained from posting a link to Black American Psycho, which was rumoured to be a Kanye West viral campaign but Def Jam debunked that, and it instead ended up being a schoolkid’s project.

It appears another viral has reared its head, but this time focused on the heavily-rumoured Cruel Winter album, and again this one has a ‘Kanye West presents’ opening credit. Once again, Def Jam have said this isn’t an official release, but it wouldn’t exactly be surprising if that was a clever misdirect on their part, especially given the slightly ‘through the looking glass’ and unusual nature of the clip. In particular, the George Bush Sr. speech used fits into the Illuminati ideology that many are fascinated with, and hence retaining the hidden, behind-the-scenes feel purported to be an Illuminati trademark may be the reasoning for a public denial by the label.

Truthfully, that’s probably not going to be the case, but it’d be an excellent ploy if it was. Either way, let’s hope Cruel Winter is better than Cruel Summer.

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